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Fraser Health's Guide to Anti-bullying, cyberbullying and digital literacy

February 1, 2024

Guide to anti-bullying, cyberbullying and digital literacy brought to you by Fraser Health.

Help keep kids stay safe from bully behaviour online and at school.

Bullying can affect all children and has negative impacts on the victim as well as the bully. 

Bullying can appear in several forms:

  • Verbal bullying: Examples are name calling, making fun of someone, making jokes at another's expense, unwelcome teasing and spreading secrets someone disclosed in confidence.
  • Physical bullying: Pushing, shoving, pinching, hitting, spitting, damaging property and vandalizing lockers or school supplies. 
  • Social bullying: Examples are spreading rumours, being exclusive with friends and excluding people from events or study groups.
  • Cyberbullying: Using social media to intimidate, exclude and disseminate private information or using texting, emails or other applications to damage someone's reputation.

Strategies focused on building self-esteem, developing respectful relationships and providing clear but respectful communication tend to be the most successful. 

Children who are bullied need to be empowered and supported in developing healthy relationships.

Bullies on the other hand, need to learn social responsibility, empathy, right from wrong and remedial actions, such as rebuilding relationships and apologizing. 

What can you do as a parent to prevent or deal with bullying?

  • Encourage your child to report bullying they either experience or witness to school staff, such as teachers, counsellors, principals or parents.
  • Provide opportunities for open dialogue about sensitive topics. 
  • If your child is the bully, encourage them to reflect on their actions, and how they would feel if the tables were turned and they were on the receiving end.
  • Help your children develop digital literacy so they are aware of what cyberbullying looks like and have strategies for handling cyberbullying when it arises.

For more advice on preventing or dealing with bullying