Fee Payment Procedures

Paying For School Fees at Semá:th

Classroom teachers do not collect money for school fees. Please do not send money with your child.

With SchoolCashOnline, payment for fees should be made online to limit the amount of cash/cheques in our school. You can pay online with a credit card and/or through your chequing account. If you need help registering or paying online, please come by the office or call our school at 604.852.3900.

Register for SchoolCashOnline

Parents/guardians unable to pay online must come to the school office to pay for fees. Please do not send money with your child  (please have exact amount as we do not have change to give).

SchoolCashOnline aligns with district procedures and limits the amount of cash/cheques handled in schools; reduces paperwork and results in more focused instructional time in the classroom. All information is stored on a confidential basis on a server in Canada.

*Please note that SchoolCashOnline is for school fees only, not PAC fundraisers