Registration Information

What you need to know

Thank you for your interest in registering at Semá:th Elementary!

Enrolment Eligibility & Placement

The Abbotsford School District believes that every individual has the right to an education but recognizes there are a number of factors that may determine your child’s placement within the District. If you have a question, request, or concern regarding your child’s learning needs, please contact our Principal at 604.852.3900 or the District office at 604.859.4891.

Registration Dates

There are no set deadlines for enrolling your child in any one of the District's schools, although please note the following:

  • New to the district? Registration for grades 1-12 commences February 1st (or, if Feb.1 falls on a weekend, the first business day following). 
  • New to the district during the school year? Please stop by the school in your neighbourhood catchment area at any time during the school day to register.
  • Enrolling your child in Kindergarten? Kindergarten registration takes place every January, for the upcoming school year that will be starting in September. Your child must turn 5 years of age between January 1 and December 31 of the upcoming school year you want to enroll them in. Learn more about Kindergarten Registration.

New to Canada?

Parents with temporary resident status such as work permits, study permits, and refugee claimants can submit their funding eligiblity application through with their required documentation.
Once the submitted documents are assessed and approved by our International Department for ministry funding eligibility, you will receive an email notification to contact your catchment school to complete the registration process.

Parents who are permanent residents need to contact the SWIS Program at Archway Community Services prior to registering at your catchment school. Please contact Check out our district site for more information.

Families New to Canada

More Questions?

Contact the Principal of the school in your catchment area, your school of interest or the School District office (604) 859-4891. They will be pleased to assist you in registering your child in the school that is best for their learning needs.